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Why do I like the smell of body odor sex

U.S. scientists in women's vaginal secretions, volatile fatty acids found in a similar material, and the perfume is made. This perfume can enhance the male libido, impotence and premature ejaculation to be even better. In addition, scientists also observed that female ovulation can be distributed the smell that makes men relaxed and happy.

Danish psychologist has used the sponge to the man's armpit secretions collected and mixed with alcohol, coated in unmarried women suffering from irregular menstruation of the upper lip, can escape the woman's menstruation cured. And if the girl her boyfriend, their menstrual cycle than did the girls boyfriend is shorter, this is a secretion from the male with the "flavor" of the male steroid ketones cause.

Studies have shown that people appreciate the spirit of the opposite sex, emotional, sexual desire to a certain extent, especially in a more obvious affection between the opposite sex, so you smell the odor when women feel happy, sexual impulse, which is normal the phenomenon. But it must be noted that use of the will to control their impulses, to avoid deviant behavior.

"Taste" of the temptation

Each body has its own inherent physical smell, the smell often difficult to be their own smell, only next to the people can feel. As the living environment, job nature, the different working conditions, this inherent physiological breath, the smell is often overshadowed by foreign, of course, these foreign odor can be removed by washing, to restore the body had breath. Girl snuggling into the arms of men, often men think that the pursuit of security, in fact, men who feel that "masculinity" is an important factor.

For the sense of smell, in general, women are more sensitive than men, and women inherent in the physical body odor than men strong, its strength will also vary with changes in the menstrual cycle. We often have this experience, the evening walk, a girl rushed from the side walk, walking towards an intoxicating aroma, so you will feel an indescribable feel good. If this feeling in lovers who will be transformed into a joy and pleasure of sex, which undoubtedly has a certain role in promoting love. One youth had described such a feeling: "no lights in a dark alley, a man hurried from me, I can not see her (his) face, I do not know is male or female? However, I feel only woman to have a wave of warm and aromatic, it makes me great joy, so, in my mind immediately emerge out of a beautiful girl image, and produce copies of the idea of ​​a non-... ", see, smell How can arouse intense desire.

However, the bad smell will become an obstacle to love, serious but also influence their quality of life, and even have inhibited sexual desire.

Different times, different races, different individuals showed a preference for a different taste. Some people like elegant, light, strong emphasis was strongly, and even some people like body odor, and thus gained sexual satisfaction from the sense of smell, sniff some scholars call it love. Contemporary European and American men and women with body odor than the pursuit of a similar but more intense musk, they think the smell is full of ingredients, they can greatly increased sexual desire.

Sexual gratification, similar goals

It has long found that many animals, insects rely on scent to attract the opposite sex specific and regulate mating season. Musk, civet is a well-known spice, almost all romantic Hong Xin, lust waves must perfume ingredients. Both spices were taken from the musk deer and civet, which its main role is to attract female mates. The use of modern bionics special scent to attract a number of ways to trap and kill harmful insects, but also achieved gratifying results, biologists smell research on gender in the ascendant. If the person a few days without a bath in the hot summer, the smell of the body is always unpleasant, and even can be said that most people around, including self-tired. But there are also sexual gratification at tastes and temperament of human biological phenomenon. Carefully observed around will find that many people sweating, strong odor, her or his indifference she nestled closely together, and some even greedily sucking the smell, which in addition to psychological and emotional harmonious, the purely biological factors also play a wonderful role. New research shows that humans have a variety of special smell and the smell of occasions and in different scenarios are changing. Love men and women will be very specific to this particular smell smelling and the smell will be refreshing, sparking an infinite tenderness, they will in many to easily distinguish the smell of their own, special, exclusive, in others appears to be "smell" the odor. Sexual gratification, sexual tastes and temperament is a kind of esoteric. Both husband and wife maintain good health, in their own unique taste of the atmosphere to create a more pleasant smell is undoubtedly a better life, a higher level of enjoyment.

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